#Budget17 – Politics or Genius?

CEO of PwC Australia and Vice Chairman of PwC Asia Pacific, Luke Sayers discusses the 2017 Federal Budget and what it means for Australia. Read more…

 17/05/2017| Luke Sayers| 0 Comments

Where is the national fix to food fraud?

PwC Partner, Andrew Parker discuses whether it's possible for Australian companies to insert themselves into Asian food supply chains without risk to food fraud. Read more…

 26/04/2017| Andrew Parker| 0 Comments

Digital campaigning and the GetUp effect in election 2016

University of Sydney Professor of Political Sociology Ariadne Vromen discusses how GetUp embraced social media and online channels to influence the outcome of the 2016 Federal Election. Read more…

 20/04/2017| Ariadne Vromen discusses how GetUp embraced social| 0 Comments

Winning in manufacturing requires a new game plan

Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre Chair Andrew Stevens looks at why we are still using the old "manufacturing rule book" when these rules no longer apply as manufacturing enters the world of robotics, machine learning and big data. Read more…

 29/03/2017| Andrew Stevens| 0 Comments

New data breach legislation: might be time for companies to assess their cyber security risk

.au Domain Director of Technology, Security and Strategy, Rachael Falk discusses what the newly legislated Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Bill 2016 means for organisations in Australia. Read more…

 22/03/2017| Rachael Falk| 0 Comments