Reviewing the Finkel Review and the political response

ANU Crawford School of Public Policy Professor Frank Jotzo discusses whether the recommendations put forward by the Finkel Review will see a reduction in power sector emissions. Read more…

 23/06/2017| Professor Frank Jotzo| 0 Comments

The 2017 UK election – unlooked for, un-needed, and perplexing in its result

Dr Stewart Jackson of the University of Sydney discusses the outcome of the 2017 UK election, what the result will mean, and what we can expect from here. Read more…

 19/06/2017| Dr Stewart Jackson| 0 Comments

Australia's digital strategy needs major readjustment

In an article originally published on The Conversation, University of Sydney Australian Centre for Innovation Executive Director, Ron Johnston looks at where Australia sits internationally on the digital competitiveness ladder. Read more…

 6/06/2017| Ron Johnston| 0 Comments

Australia cannot turn its back on trade

Business Council of Australia President, Grant King, discusses the importance of trade and resisting turning inward for Australia's economic prosperity. Read more…

 31/05/2017| Grant King| 0 Comments

Harnessing the buzz for Australia’s future

MTPConnect Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Sue MacLeman discusses innovation and collaboration in the medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector. Read more…

 30/05/2017| Sue MacLeman| 0 Comments