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Trustmark needed to ensure ethical application of AI: Chief Scientist

A certification system or a “trustmark” is needed to send a clear signal that consumers expect ethical behavior in the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), according to Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel AO. Read more…


Business in China: formidable market but dynamics changing

China is a formidable market but the dynamics are changing rapidly, Brownes Foods, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Tony Girgis has told a CEDA audience. Read more…


Defence industry investment an opportunity for reinvention of South Australia

The Federal Government’s massive investment in defence capability and industry will provide both long-term economic opportunities and challenges for South Australia, according to speakers at CEDA’s South Australian Defence Industries Overview.  Read more…


Human dignity the starting point for discussions on inequality

Fundamental ethical questions lie at the heart of questions we need to resolve around inequality, according to the Ethics Centre Executive Director, Dr Simon Longstaff AO. And, he said, the starting point for any discussion on inequality should be the basic presumption of the intrinsic dignity of every person. Read more…


Holistic approach needed to address inequality

“One of the biggest things that's wrong with policy is that we divide the life of people up into segments,” Jesuit Social Services Chair, Patricia Faulkner AO has told a CEDA audience. Read more…


Stats versus commentary – what’s the true story on inequality in Australia?

CEDA Chief Executive, Melinda Cilento, presents findings from How unequal? Insights on inequality at the report launch. Read more…


WA Treasurer outlines microeconomic reform agenda

Microeconomic reform aimed at boosting productivity will play an important role in addressing challenges that threaten Western Australia’s future prosperity, according to the state’s Treasurer. Read more…


Addressing the energy elephants in the room

“I want to address the elephant in the room and that is that AGL is a public company, from time to time we will get unsolicited bids on various components of our business and potentially on the whole business,” AGL CEO and Managing Director Andy Vesey has told a CEDA audience. Read more…


Connectivity, autonomy and sharing in the future of mobility

The future of mobility is about connectivity, autonomy and sharing, according to a panel of experts assembled for the first 2018 event in CEDA’s NSW Transport Series. Read more…


Important for business to take a stand on issues: Rio Tinto CEO

“Beyond core purpose, business is being asked to lend its social and reputational capital in areas it has not done so before,” Rio Tinto Chief Executive, Jean-Sébastien Jacques has told a CEDA audience. Read more…


Total Pages: 67