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Leadership is more than just holding people's hands

Leadership through change has to be more than just holding people’s hands and saying it will be ok, Hydro Tasmania Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Davy said at CEDA Queensland event on Australia’s future leadership. Read more…

 22/05/2017 News article

Customer choice is key challenge for energy market

Enabling customer choice in the changing energy market will be a challenge for the next decade, AusNet Services General Manager Network Engineering, Siham Knowles said at a CEDA Victoria event on securing Australia’s energy future. Read more…

 21/05/2017 News article

The business of age

Residential care for people with dementia is well over $1 billion a year to the Australian government, University of Sydney, Faculty of Medicine, Curran Professor in Health Care of Older People, and Geriatrician, Professor Susan Kurrle has told a CEDA audience. Read more…

 19/05/2017 News article

Supply chains on the way out: Dr Craig Emerson

Supply chains I think are on the way out, Former Federal Minister for Trade and Competitiveness; Managing Director, Craig Emerson Economics, Dr Craig Emerson has told a CEDA audience. Read more…

 2/05/2017 News article

Outbound investment goes beyond cost savings

Australia seems perfectly situated to tap into two of the biggest and fastest-growing markets – China and India, Wesfarmers; AGL Non-Executive Director Diane Smith-Gander said at CEDA Western Australia's Outbound investment research release event. Read more…

 30/04/2017 News article