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Current housing reforms politically popular band-aid solutions

Demand side policies, such as increasing grants to first home buyers or allowing access to superannuation, are “band-aid solutions that might be politically popular in the short-term but will be ineffective in the long-run,” University of Sydney Associate Professor, Dr Judith Yates has told a CEDA audience.
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 21/06/2017 News article

Customer choice is key challenge for energy market

Enabling customer choice in the changing energy market will be a challenge for the next decade, AusNet Services General Manager Network Engineering, Siham Knowles said at a CEDA Victoria event on securing Australia’s energy future. Read more…

 21/05/2017 News article

Photos from VIC events in November

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 22/11/2016 Digital hub: lively debate and critical perspectives > CEDA events: image galleries

Australia needs buffers to prepare for economic shocks

Despite economic uncertainty, Australians and business should not withdraw from the world, but must ensure the country has buffers in place to deal with future shocks, Reserve Bank of Australia Governor, Philip Lowe told a CEDA audience in Melbourne. Read more…

 16/11/2016 News article

Call for tertiary sector to gear toward University 4.0

In order to survive the pace of digital change, tertiary institutions need to embrace “University 4.0” to maintain relevance to prospective students, La Trobe University Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor John Dewar has told a CEDA audience in Melbourne. Read more…

 28/10/2016 News article