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CEDA report: Brexit and Trump mean opportunities for Australia lie in Asia

The rise of protectionism in countries such as the US and UK means Australia needs to focus on increasing investment in emerging markets, such as China and India, CEDA’s latest report, Outbound investment, has found. Read more…

 27/04/2017 News article

CEDA report calls for national review of VET sector

Improving outcomes, regulation and oversight, providing certainty in funding and recognising its importance in skilling people for the jobs of the future are critical recommendations in CEDA's latest research on the forgotten middle child of education – VET. Read more…

 28/08/2016 News article

CEDA report out today identifies 10 priority areas to drive economic growth  

A new CEDA report being released today provides policy priorities across 10 key areas to ensure continued growth in the Australian economy, an issue of critical importance particularly in the current Federal Election campaign. Read more…

 14/06/2016 News article

CEDA report recommends ways to keep WA regional economies strong

A CEDA report released today provides five key recommendations that will help activate the economic potential of regional Western Australia and ensure a sustainable future for regional communities. Read more…

 8/06/2016 News article

World competitiveness ranking: Australia gains a place despite core economic indicators remaining weak

Business confidence is rising in Australia despite core economic indicators not improving, an international survey has found. Read more…

 31/05/2016 News article