Energy and resources


An industry in transition, CEDA will explore energy and resources through events across Australia in 2017.

The Australian energy and resources industry is in a period of transition. With decreased exploration and production now well under way, much discussion is now focused on what’s next?  Meanwhile, uptake of solar energy in Australia is increasing providing new opportunities for other energy markets.

In 2017, CEDA will continue to drive conversation on this industry which has shaped the Australian economy, examining supply and demand, policy and market developments as well as the impact of new technology and future opportunities for investment.

Upcoming events

CEDA Energy Series: Finkel review and the future market | Adelaide | 26 June 2017
Securing a reliable and responsive energy market | Sydney | 29 June 2017
Energy market outlook | Melbourne | 11 July 2017
Energy series: the role of gas in Australia's energy future | Sydney | 3 August 2017
Energy and resources: energy policy panel | Brisbane | 8 August 2017

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