CEDA will explore the complex network and future of health services in Australia in 2017.

Australia’s health system is a complex network made up of services, providers and patients, alongside research, technology developments such as e-Health, a widespread workforce, financing and funding as well as Medicare and governance. 

This system provides support to millions of Australians who each require unique and individualised care dependent on age, gender, medical history, culture and socioeconomic background.

CEDA will drive discussion on Australia’s health system in 2017, examining efficient service delivery, innovative and cost-effective funding models and meeting today’s requirements while planning for the future.

Upcoming events and series

The business of age | Perth | 16 May 2017
Strengthening Australia's social services safety net | Sydney | 26 May 2017
Healthcare Innovation | Melbourne | 29 June 2017
NSW Health Update | Sydney | July 2017

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Health series supported by CEDA members:

Queensland | Two events