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We need long term investment horizons: Nev Power

We need policies that will attract and continue to support business investment, Fortescue Metals Chief Executive, Nev Power has told a CEDA audience in Perth.


VIC focusing on global markets and innovation

As automation and globalisation see industrial jobs lost in many parts of the western world, countries such as Britain and the US look inward and to the past; however, Victoria’s economic resilience will be underpinned by access to global markets, and a willingness to adapt for the future, Victorian Treasurer, the Hon. Tim Pallas has told a CEDA audience in Melbourne. 


CEDA 2017 outlook: Deficit and Trump risks for Australia

The 2017 CEDA Economic and Political Overview (EPO) publication being released today highlights that political and economic uncertainty, including a significant lack of geopolitical clarity, is recalibrating traditional views on Australia’s future.


Announcement from the CEDA CEO

To all CEDA Members and Trustees, welcome back for what promises to be a prosperous and successful 2017. As some of you may know, my second three-year appointment as Chief Executive is coming to an end in March 2017, and, after much deliberation, I have decided not to seek a further term.


Premier Gladys Berejiklian (then Treasurer) says New South Wales is leading the nation

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian (then Treasurer) addressed a CEDA audience and their guests during a mid-year economic update in Sydney, providing economic forecasts for 2016-17 and discussing recent asset recycling sales.


A regressive year for women: from abortion rights to Trump

The outcome of the US Presidential debate is evidence of how hard people – men and women – will fight to keep women out of leadership positions, lecturer and social commentator, Jane Caro has told a CEDA audience in Adelaide.


Transport and housing key issues for Victoria

Infrastructure Victoria has highlighted three top priorities out of the 137 recommendations it has put forward to parliament as part of the state’s first ever 30-year infrastructure strategy, Infrastructure Victoria Chief Executive Officer, Michel Masson has told a CEDA audience in Melbourne.


WA Opposition Leader Mark McGowan outlines 20-20-20 plan

WA Leader of the Opposition Mark McGowan has told a CEDA audience in Perth that, if elected, the Labor party plans to reduce the state’s expenditure by cutting senior public service salaries.


CEDA Big Issues survey: future jobs, Budget deficit, tax avoidance and the GST top issues

Preparing for the jobs of the future, while tackling multinational tax avoidance and the Federal Budget deficit remain key issues, according to the results of CEDA’s 2016 Big Issues survey.


CEDA 2016: Year in review

2016 has been one of the most successful years in CEDA's 56 year history. Seven hundred and fifty members from Australia's leading businesses, organisations and academic institutions attended over 300 events.