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Migration: the economic debate

CEDA released a research report in November 2016 which examines the economic consequences of the migration program for Australia and the effectiveness of the
migration program itself.


Big Issues 2016

Preparing for future jobs, the Federal Budget deficit, tax avoidance and the GST have been highlighted in CEDA's 2016 Big Issues survey as the top issues affecting the Australian economy.


Protection, industry policy and economic growth


Outbound investment

CEDA will release a research report in April 2017 that will examine Australia’s outbound investment. The report will assess whether Australia has the right institutional setting to support an outbound focus for business, and discuss case studies of successful foreign investments by Australian businesses.


Improving service sector productivity: the economic imperative

CEDA will release a research report in June 2017 that will examine the economic consequences of Australia’s productivity performance in the services sector. This report will assess the productivity performance of the sector and discuss policies and areas that can contribute to an improvement in the productivity of services.


VET: skills for growth

CEDA released a research report in August 2016, which examines the role of Vocational Education and Training (VET) in meeting the skills required for Australia's growth.


Microeconomic reform and business efficiency


Australia's economic future: an agenda for growth

Released on 14 June 2016, CEDA's major research report will examine how to repair Australia's economic structures and drive a growth agenda.


Economic and Political Overview 1991


The taxation of corporate income

In 1982 CEDA released a report which looked at the mechanics of corporate income tax.