International economic disruption and its effects on Australia


CEDA will release a research report in November 2017 which will consider the economic effects felt in Australia from policy decisions which emerge from geopolitical events.

Following international geo-political events such as Brexit and the ascension of US President Donald Trump, this report will consider what economic effects will be felt in Australia from policy decisions that emerge from these and other events. The report will also examine the implications for Australian business of such decisions.

Questions to be considered in this report may include:

  • Will Trump’s claim to invest heavily in infrastructure open opportunities for Australian companies? 
  • Will Trump’s stance, and that of UK Prime Minister Theresa May, on immigration turn international students to Australia?
  • What future is there for multi-lateral trade agreements? 
  • Where will China fit into this picture?
  • What are the social and political consequences of these issues for Australia?

CEDA will release this report in November 2017.

Sponsorship opportunities available

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