Find out about CEDA's governance structures and advisory bodies.

CEDA is not restricted by vested interests or political persuasion. Our agenda is overseen by a who's who of Australia's leaders from business, politics and academia whose focus is on driving debate and critical analysis of the most important topic of the day.

At the helm of CEDA is National Chairman, Diane Smith-Gander AO and Chief Executive, Melinda Cilento. 

Board of Directors

CEDA's Board of Directors provides strategic advice and includes Australian business and policy leaders.

CEDA Leadership Council

The CEDA Leadership Council is an advisory body comprised of eminent Australians who meet four times a year to provide guidance and insight for CEDA's research agenda.

CEDA Council on Economic Policy (CCEP)

CEDA's CCEP include Australia's best and brightest policy minds from academic institutions, businesses and public sector organisations who guide CEDA's research agenda.

State advisory councils

CEDA's state advisory councils offer guidance to state directors on local policy issues.


CEDA's Constitution is a document that gives clarity to its operations.