Chief Economist Jarrod Ball


CEDA Chief Economist, Jarrod Ball, shares what he's working on and what he is excited for in our new program of work.

Describe your role at CEDA

As the Chief Economist, I’m responsible for overseeing CEDA’s research program. This encompasses everything from the initial scoping of projects, working with members to gain their insights into our work through to publicly advocating on our findings and recommendations.

What do you think makes CEDA unique?

CEDA is trusted and independent, providing a critical institution for informed analysis and debate on the economic, social and environmental issues that really matter for our future. Call me biased, but in an age of increasing distrust in many institutions CEDA stands alone in the platform it provides members to engage in these debates with leaders and policymakers.

What excites you about CEDA's new program of work?

Despite all the economic pain and anguish Australia is currently enduring, the long-term opportunities for Australia to build decades of prosperity and economic security for our community on the other side of this crisis are immense. But it is going to require the right investments, a more dynamic business environment and more creative approaches to policy than anything we’ve seen in recent decades to get there. Our research is all about the policy settings we now need to harness technology, people and world-class essential services to lift incomes and standards of living into the future.

What are you working on now?

I am working on the next research report in the special COVID-19 series Recovery: coming back better – Digitisation of human services. Telehealth has given us a glimpse of what’s achievable to make health and human services more convenient and accessible. This report will draw on the expertise of practitioners across health, mental health, justice, housing and disability to identify practical steps that can improve the community’s experience of these services through digitisation.

Watch Jarrod discuss CEDA's upcoming research report on the digitsation of human services.