Chief Operations Officer: Sharon Smyth


CEDA Chief Operations Officer, Sharon Smyth, shares what she's working on and what she is excited about in our new program of work.

Describe your role at CEDA

I’m the Chief Operations Officer, CFO and Company Secretary. There’s three key aspects to my role: finance, IT and strategic initiatives.

What do you think makes CEDA unique?

CEDA is an awesome collection of individuals, both employees and members, who genuinely care. They willingly invest their time and readily share their intellect to generate viable ideas for a better future.

What excites you about CEDA's new program of work?

We are in a unique position to reshape Australia’s direction as we move from the health response to COVID towards the longer term recovery. Decisions we make today will reverberate from many years to come, which presents us with a huge opportunity. What excites me is that CEDA is using this opportunity to promote more sustainable outcomes, focused on both economic and social priorities.

What are you working on now?

Like all businesses CEDA needs to constantly innovate to ensure long term viability. The COVID crisis required us to rethink our operational model and I have been very busy over the last few months working through the practical and financial implications of moving to a “one CEDA” model. Excitingly we are just about to start a major upgrade of our technology platforms, moving to newer and more integrated systems that will change the way we operate internally and enable us to offer greater value back to our members. I hope to see many of you at our AGM on 16 November.