Director, Communications: Roxanne Punton


CEDA Director, Communications, Roxanne Punton, shares what she's working on and what she is excited about in our new program of work.

Describe your role at CEDA

As Director, Communications I oversee the team that manages CEDA media, the website, podcasts, blogs and opinion pieces, publication production, video production, social media and marketing. The team also works closely with the research, programming, membership and partnerships and collaboration teams on their programs of work.

What do you think makes CEDA unique?

CEDA is a trusted, independent, non-partisan voice with a primary focus on delivering good economic and social policy for Australia. This makes CEDA unique in the Australian policy landscape and allows us to draw on incredibly high-calibre thinkers and leaders with diverse perspectives to provide insights, analysis and debate on critical issues.

What excites you about CEDA's new program of work?

CEDA has always been great at delivering high quality events and briefings for members, but with an increased focus and resourcing in research and partnerships and collaboration, I am really excited about the depth of insights and analysis that we will be able to deliver on key topics critical to our economic recovery. This year has also provided the opportunity to experiment with new ways of delivering content and I’m looking forward to that continuing.

What are you working on now?

Given the recalibration to a much greater focus on digital delivery this year, we are currently working on improving our digital footprint through a website and marketing function upgrade that will improve the member experience. We are also working on improving CEDA’s reach through the media with more CEDA analysis provided through opinion pieces and podcasts.