Director, Partnerships and Collaboration: Hamilton Calder


CEDA Director, Partnerships and Collaboration, Hamilton Calder, shares what he's working on and what he is excited about in our new program of work.

Describe your role at CEDA

In my role as Director of Partnerships and Collaboration at CEDA, I oversee CEDA’s Partnerships and Collaboration Team. We drive deeper involvement with CEDA’s national agenda and create opportunities where working together with members and stakeholders will deliver greater benefits and impact we can share. The Partnerships and Collaboration Team also manages CEDA’s relationships with our State Advisory Committee’s around Australia and we now also coordinate CEDA’s highly regarded Copland Leadership program, which gives emerging leaders an opportunity to learn from some of Australia’s top business and policy minds.

What do you think makes CEDA unique?

CEDA is an amazing organisation where for the past 60 years we have brought together people from around this great country to drive better social, economic and environmental outcomes for us all to share in. We have done this through face to face events, research publications, webinars and livestream events and we continue to look for new and innovative ways to lead these conversations.

What excites you about CEDA's new program of work?

The world is a different place to what it was just six months ago – COVID-19 has taken a terrible toll on Australia’s health, economy and social wellbeing. CEDA has not been immune to this impact, but I believe that we are now more important than ever, given the role we can play in ensuring that we emerge stronger and more resilient from this period. Our new program of work and our ability to leverage our national network will ensure that CEDA members have a real opportunity to be a part of these important discussions – we have already started some amazing conversations as part of our Recovery: coming back better series!

Listen to Hamilton talk about what the Partnerships and Collaboration team are working on now and their plans moving forward