Jane Hunt


Jane Hunt is a member of CEDA's State Advisory Council in Victoria.
As the Founding CEO of The Front Project, Jane is passionate about children’s education, health and development and is committed to helping our Australian business and community leaders place a new value on children in the early years.

Jane has won a number of awards for her work, including the Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur Award in 2012, granting her an ongoing seat at World Economic Forum events, the Victorian Telstra Business Women’s Award in 2011 and the Melbourne Business 3000 Award for Community Innovation in 2010. Jane is currently a Non-Executive Director of Unison Community Housing and has held senior roles in the for-benefit sector, including CEO of Adopt Change and prior to that the Inaugural Chief Executive Officer of Fitted for Work. Jane was also the Victorian Strategy and Operations Manager for Mission Australia, and has had senior experience across for-benefit, corporate and academic sectors. Jane has a BA (Hons), MA (Hons) and Masters in Business Leadership, and is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

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