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Innovation and recovery | Dr Larry Marshall, Chief Executive, CSIRO

Science and technology is at the forefront of our efforts to contain the COVID-19 crisis but it will also shape our path forward. CEDA CEO, Melinda Cilento, speaks with CSIRO Chief Executive, Dr Larry Marshall, about how CSIRO has helped to manage the COVID-19 crisis in Australia and the role innovation will play in the recovery.

The Economists' Corner Podcast | Germany's response to COVID-19 with Dr. Hubertus Bardt

With the easing of lockdown restrictions on the horizon for Australia, CEDA Chief Economist Jarrod Ball spoke with Dr. Hubertus Bardt to find out how Germany has coped with the crisis, and how their opening of the country again compares with Australia's plan.

Supporting the arts through the COVID-19 crisis | Kim Williams AM

The COVID-19 crisis has put tremendous pressure on the arts sector but Copyright Agency Chair, Kim Williams, says the sector was in need of help even before the pandemic. He spoke with CEDA CEO, Melinda Cilento, about the value of the arts to Australia's culture and economy and why government investment in this space is more important than ever. 

The lowdown: Jenny Dodd | Skills and digital education

CEO of TasTAFE, Jenny Dodd, talks with Kyl Murphy about how COVID-19 has affected the tertiary training sector and how it has pushed the conversation on digital education and skills readiness.

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Data innovation & public partnership to fight COVID-19

Managing Director of data strategy consulting firm Smash Delta, Ben Morley-John, highlights the shortfalls of Australia's data strategy during the COVID-19 crisis and introduces a new way of collecting and using data that preserves the privacy of users while maximising our ability to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Migration after COVID-19 must be about recovery not retreat

CEDA Chief Economist, Jarrod Ball, and Senior Economist, Gabriela D'Souza, argue that in debating immigration after COVID-19, policymakers should consider the wealth of evidence supporting the economic benefits of a strong, well-managed immigration program. With this as a starting point, they argue Australia need to develop an immigration program that considers the rights of temporary workers and addresses skill shortages in a timely manner. 

Trade and supply chains: pressure points in perspective part one

In part one of CEDA's three part blog series, ​Trade and supply chains: pressure points in perspective, CEDA Chief Economist, Jarrod Ball, gives a comprehensive overview of the way the crisis has disrupted Australian trade, to inform the ongoing debate about Australia's dependence on global supply chains.