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Poverty and COVID-19 | Toni Wren, Executive Director of Anti Poverty Week

CEDA CEO Melinda Cilento speaks with Toni Wren about poverty, Jobseeker, and what needs to be done to help those below the poverty line.

The Greater Good | Professor Tracy Merlin, Head of School of Public Health, University of Adelaide and Professor of HTA & Director, AHTA

CEDA Chief Economist Jarrod Ball is joined in this episode by Professor Tracy Merlin of the University of Adelaide to hear about the Group of Eight's "COVID-19 Roadmap to Recovery" report, and what difficulties a COVID-19 vaccine presents.

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How behavioural science can inform COVID-19 policy
Director of Monash Sustainable Development Institute enterprise, BehaviourWorks Australia, Professor Liam Smith, writes about how the insights of behavioural science can improve decision making and public policy in crisis situations.

Labour market tracking: first COVID-19 impacts hit young people hardest
In the first in a regular series on the Australian labour market for CEDA's Recovery: coming back better project, CEDA Senior Economist, Gabriela D'Souza, shows that COVID-19 is already having a significant impact on the labour market, particularly among young people.

The evidence around virtual hospitals
The demands of COVID-19 have spurred rapid uptake of new healthcare practices. Sax Institute, Knowledge Exchange Program Manager, Dr Gabriel Moore, assesses the evidence surrounding tele-health and virtual medicine, which has become an important resource for Australian healthcare during the pandemic, and says the early signs are promising.