The four innovation secrets of the top performing Australian businesses

What separates the highest performing ASX companies from the rest? Dr Jerad Ford discusses the findings of CSIRO's recent work on innovation among top Australian companies done in partnership with the University of Queensland, which shows collaboration and the right attitude towards risk and innovation are crucial to success.  Read more…

11/12/2020 | Dr Jerad Ford | 0 Comments

WA has escaped the worst – it is time to build for the future

CEDA Senior Economist Cassandra Winzar says that Western Australia’s economy has escaped the worst impacts of COVID-19 and the state should now focus on building the economic foundations that will see it thrive into the future.    
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04/12/2020 | Cassandra Winzar | 0 Comments

Build climate resilience in recovery or we risk it all again

How can we use the COVID-19 crisis to mitigate the unfolding climate crisis? Deloitte Access Economics Associate Director, Claire Atkinson, discusses new research from Deloitte that highlights the economic consequences of climate complacency and the need for a new way of thinking about climate risk in economics. Read more…

03/12/2020 | Claire Atkinson | 0 Comments

COVID-19 housing policy shows coordination works

The well-coordinated, multilevel policy response to the effects of the COVID-19 crisis on housing show how much more effectively the housing system can work and how cooperation and coordination can create better outcomes more quickly says Swinburne University of Technology Centre for Social Impact Associate Professor, Chris Mason.
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27/11/2020 | Chris Mason | 0 Comments

Sustainable Development Goals can be a blueprint for COVID-19 recovery

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals can structure an effective recovery for Australia but only if governments set meaningful targets says Monash Sustainable Development Institute, ClimateWorks Australia & BehaviourWorks Australia Chair, John Thwaites.  Read more…

23/11/2020 | Professor John Thwaites | 0 Comments