CEDA blog series: Global shifts and their impact on Australia

To coincide with the launch of the CEDA research report, Australia's place in the world, CEDA collated 10 blogs from leading business and academic experts to explore themes and ideas from the research including global economy, global governance and global security. Read more…

13/11/2017 | | 0 Comments

Once were worriers – Australia’s Asian engagement since Federation

Tim Harcourt examines Australia-Asia trade relations throughout history, from the barter system in pre-colonial times to the current era of massive movements of goods, services and people.  Read more…

12/11/2017 | Tim Harcourt | 0 Comments

Opportunity hiding in plain sight

Indonesia is on track to become Asia’s next US$1 trillion economy. Yet it’s largely overlooked by most Australian businesses.  Why are we ignoring the opportunity on our doorstep? Andrew Parker explores. Read more…

12/11/2017 | Andrew Parker | 0 Comments

Global governance and the Asia Pacific region: from the margins to the centre

Associate Professor Susan Harris Rimmer, analyses the current situation of global governance in the Asia Pacific region as well as an outlook for the future. Read more…

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Skilling Australia’s cyber security professionals

Professor Jill Slay examines a key problem within the cyber security field; how to train and educate the cyber security professionals of Australia. Read more…

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