The paradox of the Budget

The COVID-19 recession means we need reform now more than ever, but the Federal Budget shows it has also made this reform more difficult, writes KPMG Global Head of Tax and Legal David Linke.
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16/10/2020 | David Linke | 0 Comments

Government must outline digital vision to turbocharge economic recovery

CEDA Chief Executive Melinda Cilento says that the Federal Government needs to implement policy that drives digitisation in the Australian economy to unlock the dynamism and productivity that we need to restore growth. Read more…

14/10/2020 | Melinda Cilento | 0 Comments

JobMaker is smart policy addressing an urgent problem

University of Melbourne Truby Williams Professor of Economics and member of CEDA's Board of Directors, Jeff Borland, says the JobMaker program announced in the 2020 Federal Budget is a well-designed wage subsidy aimed at some of the people currently most in need.
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12/10/2020 | Professor Jeff Borland | 0 Comments

The Modern Manufacturing Strategy: it is all in the execution

Swinburne University of Technology, Centre for Transformative Innovation Director and Pro Vice Chancellor for Research Impact and Policy, Professor Beth Webster, says that the Federal Government's recently launched Modern Manufacturing Strategy shows a great deal of promise, but it will need to be implemented in a collaborative and research-backed way that takes lessons from the mistakes of the past. Read more…

05/10/2020 | Professor Beth Webster | 0 Comments

The Federal Budget must prepare Australia to be resilient in the face of business failures and restructures

CEDA Chief Economist, Jarrod Ball, says the upcoming Federal Budget needs to provide a better set of tools to manage the wave of insolvencies and restructures coming our way next year. Read more…

02/10/2020 | Jarrod Ball | 0 Comments