Budget 2018: It's all good for now

The 2018 Federal Budget contains some positive measures with widespread benefits writes PwC Chief Executive Officer Luke Sayers in this analysis.  Read more…

11/05/2018 | Luke Sayers | 0 Comments

Australia-France commercial relations

The visit to Australia by French President Emmanuel Macron is curious given the small trading relationship between our two countries, writes Evan Jones. Read more…

11/05/2018 | Dr Evan Jones | 0 Comments

The Prime Minister’s four options for the timing of the next federal election

The Prime Minister has four options for the timing of the next federal election according to Ashley Midalia. In this blog piece, Mr Midalia examines these options and concludes that May 2019 is the most likely time for us to head to the polls.  Read more…

27/04/2018 | Ashley Midalia | 0 Comments

We're starting to give up on the ideal of Australia as a nation of equals

One of the most significant findings to emerge from the work of behavioural economists is that human beings would rather go without than be treated unfairly, writes Dr Simon Longstaff. Read more…

23/04/2018 | Dr Simon Longstaff AO | 0 Comments

Low socioeconomic status increases levels of chronic disease

Rosemary Calder examines how geographical location aligns with risk factors for preventable chronic disease.  Read more…

20/04/2018 | Rosemary Calder AM | 0 Comments