Labour market tracking: first COVID-19 impacts hit young people hardest

In the first in a regular series on the Australian labour market for CEDA's Recovery: coming back better project, CEDA Senior Economist, Gabriela D'Souza, shows that COVID-19 is already having a significant impact on the labour market, particularly among young people. Read more…

04/06/2020 | Gabriela D'Souza | 0 Comments

Trade and supply chains: series wrap up

CEDA NSW Associate Director, David Bowtell, concludes CEDA's series of work on supply chains and trade after COVID-19 with a wrap-up of a recent CEDA panel discussion and some insights collected from consultations with CEDA members.  Read more…

03/06/2020 | David Bowtell | 0 Comments

Australia needs a 21st century manufacturing sector

Former Industry Commission Chairman, Bill Scales AO; Swinburne University Centre for Transformative Innovation Director, Professor Beth Webster; and Centre for Transformative Innovation PhD Candidate, David Paynter argue that we need to understand what Australian manufacturing looks like today before we decide what role it should play in the economy after COVID-19. Read more…

02/06/2020 | Bill Scales AO and Professor Beth Webster | 0 Comments

Trade and supply chains: pressure points in perspective part three

CEDA Chief Economist, Jarrod Ball, offers four key lessons Australia should take out of the COVID-19 experience to ensure our trade and supply chains bounce back better in part three of CEDA's three part series, ​Trade and supply chains: pressure points in perspective.  Read more…

28/05/2020 | Jarrod Ball | 0 Comments

Why hydrogen?

The Federal Government announced a significant funding increase for hydrogen power generation earlier this month. ACIL Allen Director Science and Technology and Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering Energy Forum Chair, Dr John Söderbaum FTSE, considers the reasons for this investment, the role hydrogen could play in the post-coronavirus recovery, and the factors that continue to hold back the development of a green hydrogen industry.
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25/05/2020 | Dr John Söderbaum | 2 Comments