Rural and remote mental health after COVID-19

Swinburne University Social Innovation Research Institute Foundation Director, Professor Jane Farmer; Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) Director of Public Health, Fergus Gardiner; RFDS Research and Projects Director, Lara Bishop; and University of Western Australia Rural Clinical School Associate Professor, Mat Coleman, discuss the ways COVID-19 has heightened the mental health gap in rural and remote areas and look at how we can scale successful community-based interventions, with the help of philanthropy, NGOs and data, to make progress. Read more…

07/05/2020 | Professor Jane Farmer | 0 Comments

Data innovation & public partnership to fight COVID-19

Managing Director of data strategy consulting firm Smash Delta, Ben Morley-John, highlights the shortfalls of Australia's data strategy during the COVID-19 crisis and introduces a new way of collecting and using data that preserves the privacy of users while maximising our ability to limit the spread of COVID-19. Read more…

05/05/2020 | Ben Morley-John | 0 Comments

Migration after COVID-19 must be about recovery not retreat

CEDA Chief Economist, Jarrod Ball, and Senior Economist, Gabriela D'Souza, argue that in debating immigration after COVID-19, policymakers should consider the wealth of evidence supporting the economic benefits of a strong, well-managed immigration program. With this as a starting point, they argue Australia need to develop an immigration program that considers the rights of temporary workers and addresses skill shortages in a timely manner.  Read more…

04/05/2020 | Jarrod Ball and Gabriela D'Souza | 0 Comments

Trade and supply chains: pressure points in perspective part one

In part one of CEDA's three part blog series, ​Trade and supply chains: pressure points in perspective, CEDA Chief Economist, Jarrod Ball, gives a comprehensive overview of the way the crisis has disrupted Australian trade, to inform the ongoing debate about Australia's dependence on global supply chains. Read more…

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Boards will shape how their organisations emerge from COVID-19

Nous Group Principal, Stephen Teulan, shows how the actions that boards take now will affect the state of their organisations moving out of the COVID-19 crisis. He offers practical insights on how boards can best ensure companies remain stable through the crisis.  Read more…

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