CEDA Blog comments and audience engagement.

What kind of comments should I post?

CEDA delivers leading thinking, informed discourse and rigorous research on Australia’s economic and social development. CEDA encourages you to post comments that are well informed and to provide your insights, opinions and advice on the key policy issues facing Australia.  

Why do you monitor blog comments?

While most comments posted are on topic, moderating them ensures comments included as part of the discussions are on topic and not offensive to others. Moderating decisions are subjective and CEDA will make them as consistently as possible. However, because of the volume of comments, we cannot review individual moderation decisions with readers.

Please refer to the CEDA Blog terms and conditions for more information.  

How do I write a comment?

To post a comment on a CEDA blog article, scroll down to the bottom of the article and click:

  • login if you already have a login to the CEDA website; or
  • sign up if you are a new user.

When you sign up as a new user, CEDA will ask you to provide your details, including your name and email address. However, when submitting a blog comment, you have the option to use a screen name instead of your full name.

CEDA is committed to protecting your privacy while you use our website, products and services. We will keep private and secure any personal information the site gathers about you. We collect personal information for internal use only, and under no circumstance will we disclose your personal information (including your email address) to third parties.

When signing up as a new user for the CEDA blog, you subscribe to our mailing list and may receive emails from CEDA. You can unsubscribe to these emails at any time. See CEDA’s full privacy policy for more information.
Once you have logged in, write your comment title, screen name and comment in the corresponding boxes. Then click submit.

For security reasons we recommend you don’t post your email address or any contact details in your comments.

When will my comment appear?

Comments are displayed directly below a blog post.

Comments on the CEDA blog are moderated so they do not appear instantly on the CEDA website. If you post your comment during business hours, typically it will be posted faster. CEDA aims to moderate and post suitable comments within 24 hours of submission.

Do you edit comments?

Generally no, CEDA will either approve or reject comments. However, in some cases we may fix spelling, grammar or punctuation but edits will be kept to a minimum.

Should I use my real name when making a comment?

CEDA encourages informed debate, while it is not a requirement of posting a comment, it is preferred that you do. We have found that people who use their real name engage in more respectful, informed conversations with others. 

However, for security reasons we recommend you don’t post your email address or any contact details. The information we collect when you login to post a comment is for CEDA records only, this information will not be shared with anyone else.

What if I see an error in a blog post? What is the best way to suggest a correction?

CEDA appreciates your feedback, if you have a correction please email blog@ceda.com.au and we will investigate. To avoid confusion, corrections are not posted in the comments section but we will make a note of them in the blog post.

Have more questions?

Please refer to the CEDA Blog terms and conditions and CEDA privacy policy for more information.

If you need more information or have further questions, please contact us via email at blog@ceda.com.au.