Youth poverty in COVID-19 Australia

The Smith Family Head of Research and Advocacy, Anne Hampshire, discusses the ways in which the COVID-19 crisis has impacted the 1.2 million young Australians living in poverty and argues that the pandemic presents a chance to address the root causes of youth disadvantage. Read more…

29/04/2020 | Anne Hampshire | 1 Comments

Young Australians and disadvantage: disrupting the cycle

Following the release of Disrupting disadvantage: setting the scene, CEDA is releasing a series of articles from leading thinkers in the field that explore different aspects of disadvantage in Australia. The Smith Family Head of Research and Advocacy, Anne Hampshire, discusses new ways of approaching disadvantage among young Australians that could help break the intergenerational cycle. Read more…

13/11/2019 | Anne Hampshire | 0 Comments

New evidence to break the cycle of educational disadvantage

There is a clear link between low-socioeconomic status and poor education and employment outcomes. But it doesn't need to be this way according to research from the Smith Family. Head of Research and Advocacy, Anne Hampshire explains.   Read more…

20/04/2018 | Anne Hampshire | 0 Comments

Educational attainment vital for our economy

As millions of young Australians begin returning to school next week, there’s a clear national imperative to ensure all young people, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, are supported to do well.
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18/01/2016 | Anne Hampshire | 0 Comments