The house price fall we had to have

With house price falling and auction clearance rates as low as those seen in the GFC, there is some concern of an impending house price collapse. But according to Chris Richardson and Alex Hooper of Deloitte Access Economics, the drop in house prices against the backdrop of a strong economy is good news.  Read more…

31/10/2018 | Alex Hooper and Chris Richardson | 0 Comments

Raising the Rate would boost economy

On the release of their Deloitte Access Economics report for ACOSS modelling the impact of a $75 per week increase in Newstart payments on the nation's economy, Ben Guttmann and Chris Richardson write such an increase would benefit the least well off in Australia and provide a boost to the economy.  Read more…

17/09/2018 | Ben Guttmann and Chris Richardson | 0 Comments

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