Sustainable Development Goals can be a blueprint for COVID-19 recovery

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals can structure an effective recovery for Australia but only if governments set meaningful targets says Monash Sustainable Development Institute, ClimateWorks Australia & BehaviourWorks Australia Chair, John Thwaites.  Read more…

23/11/2020 | Professor John Thwaites | 0 Comments

Fixing migration policy to bridge the skills gap

CEDA Senior Economist, Gabriela D’Souza, shares some insights from CEDA’s upcoming report into skill mismatch in Australia’s permanent migration system and shows how more effectively using the skills of permanent migrants can prepare Australia for the labour market of the future.  
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16/11/2020 | Gabriela D'Souza | 0 Comments

Reimagining workplace mental health

PwC Director, Economics and Policy, Dr Sharon Ponniah and Strategy& Partner, Damien Angus write that organisations are recognising their growing responsibility to ensure the mental health and wellbeing of their employees.  Read more…

16/11/2020 | Dr Damien Angus and Dr Sharon Ponniah | 1 Comments

Strength in numbers: boosting workforce participation after COVID-19

CEDA Chief Executive Melinda Cilento and Senior Economist Cassandra Winzar argue for the importance of lifting workforce participation to lay solid foundations for our economic and social development after COVID-19.  Read more…

09/11/2020 | Melinda Cilento and Cassandra Winzar | 0 Comments

Indigenous leaders and community organisations in the COVID-19 crisis

Western Australian Aboriginal Leadership Institute (WAALI) CEO Anjie Brook discusses the unique challenges that the COVID-19 crisis has posed for Aboriginal Australians and the ways that community organisations such as WAALI have responded.
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05/11/2020 | Anjie Brook | 0 Comments