Budget 2018: It's all good for now

The 2018 Federal Budget contains some positive measures with widespread benefits writes PwC Chief Executive Officer Luke Sayers in this analysis.  Read more…

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ASEAN Summit Wrap: Australian businesses wasting our region’s opportunities

PWC Australia CEO Luke Sayers reflects on the ASEAN-Australia Business Summit CEO Forum and the opportunities the ASEAN region holds for Australian businesses. Read more…

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#Budget17 – Politics or Genius?

CEO of PwC Australia and Vice Chairman of PwC Asia Pacific, Luke Sayers discusses the 2017 Federal Budget and what it means for Australia. Read more…

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A make or break year for Australia business

Unsurprisingly, this year’s annual CEO survey by PwC shows a marked drop in CEO confidence around the prospect for growth, not just in their own business but in the economy as a whole.
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