Melinda Cilento: we need to be ambitious about Australia's future

CEDA Chief Executive, Melinda Cilento, writes that renewing economic growth after the COVID-19 crisis will require ambitious and creative policymaking. Read more…

29/04/2020 | Melinda Cilento | 1 Comments

CEDA 2020 Climate Change Agenda/Focus

CEDA CEO Melinda Cilento starts off 2020 by starting some important conversations and sharing CEDA's 2020 agenda and focus for climate change.  Read more…

29/01/2020 | Melinda Cilento | 0 Comments

Temporary skilled migration not just good for business

Following the release of Effects of temporary migration, CEDA CEO, Melinda Cilento examines how building an efficient and transparent temporary skilled migration scheme is in everyone’s interests.  Read more…

23/07/2019 | Melinda Cilento | 0 Comments

Politicians are rapidly losing social licence to operate

The community expects high standards of behaviour and a focus on issues that matter to their everyday lives. It’s time for politicians to refocus and to step-up their game, says CEDA CEO, Melinda Cilento. Read more…

01/12/2018 | Melinda Cilento | 1 Comments

We need to stop punishing the unemployed

Raising the Newstart payment would ensure the scheme delivers on its purpose – providing an adequate safety net for people at a time of need, writes CEDA Chief Executive Melinda Cilento. Read more…

17/09/2018 | Melinda Cilento | 0 Comments