The rise and rise of Asia's cities

The mega cities of Asia and their leaders may well come to shape the rules of Australia's neighbourhood with significant impact on Australia's foreign policy, write Susan Harris-Rimmer and Charuka Ekanayake. Read more…

08/11/2018 | Charuka Ekanayake and Associate Professor Susan Harris Rimmer | 0 Comments

Global governance and the Asia Pacific region: from the margins to the centre

Associate Professor Susan Harris Rimmer, analyses the current situation of global governance in the Asia Pacific region as well as an outlook for the future. Read more…

12/11/2017 | Associate Professor Susan Harris Rimmer | 0 Comments

State of the Nation: Transformational trade - Australian opportunities and challenges

Dr Susan Harris Rimmer discusses important trade opportunities and challenges for Australia following her appearance at CEDA's State of the Nation conference in Canberra.
Read more…

22/06/2015 | Associate Professor Susan Harris Rimmer | 0 Comments

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