Once were worriers – Australia’s Asian engagement since Federation

Tim Harcourt examines Australia-Asia trade relations throughout history, from the barter system in pre-colonial times to the current era of massive movements of goods, services and people.  Read more…

12/11/2017 | Tim Harcourt | 0 Comments

Trump, trade and jobs

US President Donald Trump has torn up the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) based on his claims that free trade deals kill American jobs, but how founded is his claim that all free trade is bad? Tim Harcourt looks at what free trade means in Australia, and what the future holds for our future trading with the US. Read more…

21/02/2017 | Tim Harcourt | 2 Comments

Love thy neighbour –ASEAN – Australia’s third engine of economic growth

With the opportunities that will abound in the region in the Asian century, Tim Harcourt discusses why there will be even more reasons for Australian exporters to 'love thy neighbour'
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05/11/2015 | Tim Harcourt | 0 Comments

The power of proximity – Australia’s next wave of global engagement in the Asian Century

A story of how by some crucial breakthroughs, Australia has replaced the tyranny of distance with the power of proximity.
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02/11/2015 | Tim Harcourt | 0 Comments