Integrating energy and climate change policy

When it comes to transitioning to renewables, political feasibility has shifted attention from carbon pricing to renewable energy production subsidies. However, renewable subsidies suffer from well-known issues that can limit their effectiveness. Griffith University Associate Professor, Tim Nelson; Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) Senior Economist, Dr Alan Rai; and AEMC Economist Ryan Esplin; argue that policy tweaks can make renewable energy production subsidies a useful tool in Australia's aims to lower emissions.  Read more…

26/03/2020 | Dr Tim Nelson | 0 Comments

The changing nature of electricity generation investment

Australia’s electricity markets are in transition. What are the trends and implications for new investment types that may be required in the future? Oliver Nunn, Ryan Esplin, Alan Rai and Tim Nelson explore. Read more…

05/03/2019 | Associate Professor Tim Nelson | 0 Comments

Why do we need a National Energy Guarantee (NEG)?

With the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) legislation to be introduced to Federal Parliament in coming weeks, AGL Chief Economist, Associate Professor Tim Nelson discusses why the NEG will be important to avoid a ‘disorderly transition’ to a new energy supply mix in the future.  Read more…

15/08/2018 | Associate Professor Tim Nelson | 0 Comments