Trust and industrial relations reform in the time of COVID

CEDA Chief Executive, Melinda Cilento, reflects on the recent discussions about industrial relations reform after COVID-19 and argues that trust and transparency are key to building sustainable and roundly beneficial outcomes. Read more…

31/08/2020 | Melinda Cilento | 0 Comments

Labour market tracking: slow gains and the gender-split recession

In part two of CEDA's labour market tracking series, Senior Economist Gabriela D'Souza says key employment indicators show that while the Australian labour market has made gains since May, jobs growth now appears to be stalling. She also unpacks the evidence surrounding the influence of gender on the post-COVID employment results and concludes that the situation is more complicated than it first appears.   Read more…

28/08/2020 | Gabriela D'Souza | 2 Comments

Working from home: silver lining or double-edged sword of COVID-19?

CEDA Chief Economist, Jarrod Ball, assesses the early evidence from the ‘massive natural experiment’ in working from home that COVID-19 has created. He says that while working from home has many positive effects, the problems of loneliness, overwork and unequal access to time and resources have shown the value of office spaces. 
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24/08/2020 | Jarrod Ball | 0 Comments

A clean jobs plan can save the climate and our post-COVID economy

AlphaBeta Managing Director, Australia, Toby Brennan, and Engagement Manager, Sriram Srikumar, make the economic case for a green recovery from COVID-19 based on the modelling for the clean jobs plan that AlphaBeta has developed with the Climate Council. They say that focusing on 12 proposed policy opportunities, their plan could directly create 76,000 jobs over three years.   Read more…

17/08/2020 | Toby Brennan and Sriram Srikumar | 0 Comments

Reducing homelessness and housing instability: can the private rental market play a role?

Director of the Unison Housing Research Lab at RMIT, Professor Guy Johnson, Deputy Director, Dr Juliet Watson, and Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dr Sarah Taylor, discuss the findings of their recent evaluation of the Victorian Government's Private Rental Assistance Program, which shows the private rental market has a role to play in reducing homelessness. Read more…

17/08/2020 | Professor Guy Johnson, Dr Sarah Taylor and Dr Juliet Watson | 0 Comments