Reason for optimism in the global economic outlook

Following his recent appearance at a CEDA event, S&P Global Ratings Chief Economist, Paul Gruenwald, writes that solid economic growth is likely to continue despite ongoing uncertainties around the China-US trade relationship.    Read more…

07/10/2019 | Paul Gruenwald | 0 Comments

Australia's digital competitiveness is slipping. Here's how we can catch up

Following the release of CEDA's report on the World Digital Competitiveness rankings, Griffith University Senior Lecturer in Applied Ethics & CyberSecurity, Dr. David Tuffley, discusses how Australia can better compete in the technology-enabled world. Read more…

03/10/2019 | David Tuffley | 0 Comments

Trust and prosperity: the role of business

Following the publication of CEDA's Company Pulse report on the role of business in society, Australian Institute of Company Directors Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Angus Armour, explores the ways business can help rebuild public trust in institutions.  Read more…

23/09/2019 | Angus Armour | 0 Comments

What can be done about job insecurity?

Following his appearance at State of the Nation, Director of the Curtin University Future of Work Institute, Professor Mark Griffin, addresses the problem of job insecurity and the ways we can create a sustainable and positive future for employment. Read more…

17/09/2019 | Professor Mark Griffin | 0 Comments

Do we have the right jobs for regional skilled visas?

CEDA Senior Economist Gabriela D'Souza assesses the merits of incentivising migrants to move to regional areas. She argues that rather than forcing migrants to move outside of cities, governments should focus on drawing migrants to regional areas by investing in infrastructure and fostering sustainable employment opportunities. Read more…

16/09/2019 | Gabriela D'Souza | 1 Comments