Australia has work to do on transport technology infrastructure

The transport sector will be one area significantly disrupted and revolutionised by technological transformation. But is Australia ready to capitalise on new transport technologies? Dr Matt Wenham reports on findings of a new report from the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering. Read more…

30/04/2019 | Dr Matt Wenham | 0 Comments

Budget 2019: More receipts for Government, but most given straight back

Many of the spending measures and tax reductions outlined in last week’s Federal Budget depend on the Government being re-elected, writes Cherelle Murphy.   Read more…

09/04/2019 | Cherelle Murphy | 0 Comments

Budget 2019: Money in people's pockets but the need to enhance productivity remains

In a follow up piece analysing the Federal Budget, Jeremy Thorpe writes the Government should be congratulated for being responsible with its announcements. He argues, however, that a need for a true productivity enhancing reform agenda remains.  Read more…

05/04/2019 | Jeremy Thorpe | 0 Comments

Budget 2019: A delicate balancing act

With the federal Government expected to deliver a Budget surplus in the coming days, Jeremy Thorpe asks if it is enough to convince the public that the economy is in good shape.  Read more…

01/04/2019 | Jeremy Thorpe | 0 Comments

NSW election: Berejiklian wins but governing won’t be easy

In his analysis of the NSW election result, Greg Melleuish writes re-elected Premier Gladys Berejiklian will need to exercise all her political skill to govern with a wafer-thin majority and a potentially difficult Legislative Council.  Read more…

25/03/2019 | Professor Greg Melleuish | 0 Comments

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