The impact of COVID-19 on community sport

Australian Sports Foundation CEO, Patrick Walker, discusses the findings of a recent survey showing that one in four community sports clubs fear insolvency following the effects of COVID-19. He says that the future of community sport is under threat at a time when Australians need the health and community benefits it provides more than ever and that business and government have a role to play in protecting it. Read more…

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Setting Australia’s infrastructure policies in the right direction

Deloitte Partner Luke Houghton discusses the findings of Global Infrastructure Hub's InfraCompass 2020 report, which highlights the ways in which Australia can reduce the barriers to investment, improve performance and encourage greater investment in quality infrastructure. He says that while Australia is among the world leaders on indicators such as planning and transparent public procurement, we should take steps to reduce investment uncertainty to improve our performance.   Read more…

07/08/2020 | Luke Houghton | 1 Comments

Reassessing the Australian National Outlook post COVID-19

The CSIRO Australian National Outlook 2019 (ANO) mapped Australia’s prosperity to 2060, proving a compelling vision of Australia’s future. A year on, COVID-19 demonstrates that no country can escape the consequences of a viral pandemic. The effects of COVID-19 will be felt for years and cut across all prisms of life as we know it. What does Australia’s National Outlook look like now? What are the priority areas for businesses to focus on? What is the role of innovation in leading us towards our 2060 vision? Read more…

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Mental health in the age of COVID-19

How can we maintain momentum for mental health reform in Australia and deal with the mental health consequences of COVID-19? PwC Director, Economics and Policy, Dr Sharon Ponniah; Strategy& Partner, Damien Angus; and PwC Partner, Stuart Babbage, write that data, integrated care, better use of technology, and a focus on the social determinants of mental health can drive meaningful reform.
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20/07/2020 | Dr Damien Angus and Dr Sharon Ponniah | 0 Comments

A sustainable legacy for our post-COVID infrastructure spend

Arup Australasia Chair, Peter Chamley, writes that industry has an obligation to ensure infrastructure spending after COVID-19 is informed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
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