The space industry - a new frontier for the Australian economy

Head of the Australia Space Agency, Dr Megan Clark AC, discusses the importance of the Australian Civil Space Strategy and the role of the space sector in the future of the Australian economy. Read more…

26/08/2019 | Dr Megan Clark AC | 0 Comments

Unlocking the hydrogen future

Chief Scientist of Australia, Dr Alan Finkel AO, discusses the potential of hydrogen as a sustainable fuel source and the role Australia could have in the global hydrogen industry of the future. Read more…

23/08/2019 | Dr Alan Finkel AO | 5 Comments

Hold the Tim Tams and put better outcomes on the COAG menu

Ahead of the Council of Australian Governments' Meeting in Cairns, CEDA Chief Economist Jarrod Ball explains how COAG should refocus its priorities to effect meaningful change.   Read more…

08/08/2019 | Jarrod Ball | 0 Comments

Temporary skilled migration not just good for business

Following the release of Effects of temporary migration, CEDA CEO, Melinda Cilento examines how building an efficient and transparent temporary skilled migration scheme is in everyone’s interests.  Read more…

23/07/2019 | Melinda Cilento | 0 Comments

Australia is at a crossroads with temporary migration discourse and policy

To coincide with CEDA’s research report Effects of temporary migration, Fragomen Practice Leader and Director of Government Relations (Asia Pacific), Justin Gibbs explains why Australia needs to ensure that future temporary migration policy positions and rhetoric are appropriately challenged. Read more…

16/07/2019 | Justin Gibbs | 0 Comments