NSW election: Berejiklian wins but governing won’t be easy

In his analysis of the NSW election result, Greg Melleuish writes re-elected Premier Gladys Berejiklian will need to exercise all her political skill to govern with a wafer-thin majority and a potentially difficult Legislative Council.  Read more…

25/03/2019 | Professor Greg Melleuish | 0 Comments

Trust, truth and leadership in corporate Australia

Steven Spurr examines the findings from the latest Edelman Trust Barometer and notes it is somewhat surprising to see Australians' trust in the four key institutions of business, government, NGOs and media has increased.  Read more…

18/03/2019 | Steven Spurr | 0 Comments

Why the new Indonesia free trade agreement is so important

A recently signed Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Australia and its neighbour, Indonesia, is set to drastically transform the two countries’ relationship and unlock countless new consumer and trade opportunities, HSBC Australia Chief Executive Officer, Martin Tricaud argues. Read more…

07/03/2019 | Martin Tricaud | 0 Comments

The changing nature of electricity generation investment

Australia’s electricity markets are in transition. What are the trends and implications for new investment types that may be required in the future? Oliver Nunn, Ryan Esplin, Alan Rai and Tim Nelson explore. Read more…

05/03/2019 | Associate Professor Tim Nelson | 0 Comments

2019 election – a redux of 2013?

While everyone has an opinion on the upcoming election, election predictions months before the polling date can be fraught with danger, writes John Dawkins AO and Sandy Kay-Oswald. Read more…

22/02/2019 | The Hon. John Dawkins AO and Sandy Kay-Oswald | 0 Comments

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