For want of industry policy, our living standards are set to fall: Professor Goran Roos

Australia faces a fall in living standards unless policy action is taken. This is due to de-industrialisation and loss of economic complexity.
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30/04/2014 | Professor Göran Roos | 0 Comments

Government must invest in innovation to cut handout culture, drive new manufacturing jobs

Despite the demise of several high profile multi-nationals, manufacturing is not a dying industry in Australia.
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30/04/2014 | Professor the Hon. Stephen Martin | 0 Comments

There's no 'I' in cyber

Steve Ingram examines the rising capabilities and evolution of cyber criminals and their operations and explains that to combat these cyber criminals, Australian businesses of all sizes and government must work together. Read more…

12/11/2012 | Steve Ingram | 0 Comments