The real issues with the 457 visa aren't being addressed

In this post from The Conversation, Dr Joanna Howe discusses Australia's 457 visa program.
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18/11/2016 | Dr Joanna Howe | 0 Comments

How to read Trump

Percy Allan AM discusses what to expect from President-elect Donald Trump following the recent US election.
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11/11/2016 | Professor Percy Allan AM | 0 Comments

Winning where it counts: Trump managed to find votes in all the right places

In the wake of the US Presidential Elections, Ashley Midalia discusses voter and electoral demographics.
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11/11/2016 | Ashley Midalia | 0 Comments

R&D needs policies and initiatives that facilitate collaboration

Following her appearance at CEDA's State of the Nation, Professor Margaret Gardner AO discusses R&D and collaboration in Australia.
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19/10/2016 | Prof. Margaret Gardner AC | 0 Comments

State of the Nation 2016: VET must be supported through transition or face skill shortages

From State of the Nation 2016, CEDA Chief Executive, Professor the Hon. Stephen Martin discusses VET education and meeting Australia's future skill needs.
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11/10/2016 | Professor the Hon. Stephen Martin | 0 Comments