Podcasts and presentations: June 2008


Podcasts and presentations from CEDA events held in June 2008 are available exclusively to CEDA members.

June 2008 event audio and powerpoint presentations are available below.

  • CEDA State of the Nation 2008
    5 June 2008, Canberra
    Productivity and Participation
    The Hon Julia Gillard MP, Deputy Prime Minister; Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations; Minister for Education; Minister for Social Inclusion[4532KB, MP3]
    Discussion Q&A[3443KB, MP3]
    The Government's Economic Agenda
    The Hon Chris Bowen MP, Assistant Treasurer and Minister for Competition Policy and Consumer Affairs[5111KB, MP3]
    Discussion Q&A[2683KB, MP3]
    Budget Reform and Deregulation
    The Hon Lindsay Tanner MP, Minister for Finance and Deregulation[5853KB, MP3]
    Discussion Q&A[3846KB, MP3]
    Australia's Energy Security and the Challenge for Clean Energy
    The Hon Martin Ferguson MP, Minister for Resources and Energy; Minister for Tourism[5102KB, MP3]
    Discussion Q&A[2937KB, MP3]
    Energy and Climate Change
    Tony Concannon, Executive Director, International Power (Australia) [3338KB, MP3]
    Les Hosking, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, NEMMCO[4705KB, MP3]
    Paul Hyslop, Director, Development, ACIL Tasman[3069KB, MP3]
    Discussion Q&A[3435KB, MP3]
    Using Industry to Drive Skills Reform
    Brendan Pearson, Director Corporate Affairs and Deputy to CEO, Minerals Council of Australia[3647KB, MP3]
    Rolfe Hartley, Immediate Past President, Engineers Australia[2967KB, MP3]
    Dan Hill, Chair, The Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council (ISC)[3665KB, MP3]
    Mary Hicks, Director, Education and Training, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry[3635KB, MP3]
    Policy Implications of Population Ageing
    Professor Ann Harding, Director, National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling, (NATSEM), University of Canberra[3715KB, MP3]
    Pauline Vamos, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Superannuation Funds Association (ASFA)[2232KB, MP3]
    Dr David Knox, Worldwide Partner, Mercer[4755KB, MP3]
    Discussion Q&A[3999KB, MP3]
    The State of Our Nation - The Opposition's Perspective
    Hon Dr Brendan Nelson MP[6459KB, MP3]
    Discussion Q&A[4267KB, MP3]
    Climate Change and Water
    Senator The Hon Penny Wong, Minister for Climate Change and Water
    Federal Government Initiatives on Infrastructure[4991KB, MP3]
    Hon Anthony Albanese MP, Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government[5132KB, MP3]
    Discussion Q&A[3856KB, MP3]
    State Infrastructure - Planning, Development and Delivery
    David Papps, Director, Urban and Regional Planning, Department of Transport[3098KB, MP3]
    Sam Haddad, Director General, Department of Planning[2957KB, MP3]
    Mark Elford, Director, Road Transport Policy and Planning, Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure[3192KB, MP3]
    Michael Walsh, Deputy Director General, Department for Infrastructure and Planning[3573KB, MP3]
    Discussion Q&A[2254KB, MP3]
    Higher Education Funding Reform
    Dr Glenn Withers AO, Chief Executive Officer, Universities Australia[4237KB, MP3]
    Philip Clark AM, Chair, Higher Education Endowment Fund Advisory Board[2915KB, MP3]
    Lisa Paul, Secretary, Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations[3588KB, MP3]
    Discussion Q&A[3588KB, MP3]
  • Tax Reform: 'root and branch' or mere prune?
    17 June 2008, Melbourne
    Michael Barbour, Head of Group Tax Westpac Banking Corporation[4970KB, MP3]
    Discussion Q&A[3138KB, MP3]
  • Transport Infrastructure Series - Part 4 'Easing Urban Congestion'
    18 June 2008, Melbourne
    Dennis Cliché, Chief Executive Officer Yarra Trams[2936KB, MP3]
    Andrew Cornwall, Managing Director Ventura Bus[2353KB, MP3]
    Bruce Hughes, Chief Executive Officer Connex Melbourne[2589KB, MP3]
    Discussion Q&A[5264KB, MP3]