Podcasts and presentations: August 2014


Podcasts and presentations from CEDA events in August 2014 are available exclusively to CEDA members

CEDA members can access event audio and powerpoint presentations from the following CEDA events held in August 2014.

Energy and resources series: Technology and efficiency
7 August 2014, Brisbane

Future of the South West
7 August 2014, Bunbury

Regional competitive advantage
8 August 2014, Sydney

Shaping WA: Becoming a global innovation leader
13 August 2014, Perth

Innovation and regulation in the digital age
13 August 2014, Melbourne

The Australia-Japan relationship to 2050
14 August 2014, Perth

Transport Series: Increasing network efficiencies
14 August 2014, Sydney

G20: Power to enact change
19 August 2014, Brisbane

G20: Positioning Australia as a global player
20 August 2014, Perth

A new public-private partnership for healthcare?
21 August 2014, Melbourne

Cultural dynamics: The key to gender equality?
26 August 2014, Perth

Information technology: positive disruption
27 August 2014, Brisbane

Women in Leadership series: the big issues
28 August 2014, Adelaide

Women in Leadership
28 August 2014, Melbourne

Australia as a tourist destination in the Asia Pacific
29 August 2014, Sydney