Podcasts and presentations: November 2014


Podcasts and presentations from CEDA events in November 2014 are available exclusively to CEDA members.

CEDA members can access event audio and powerpoint presentations from the following CEDA events held in November 2014.

A new federation: major research
6 November 2014, Brisbane

NSW energy update: the future of poles and wires
7 November 2014, Sydney

Social services reform: The Hon. Kevin Andrews MP
10 November 2014, Melbourne

Future farming: the next wave of agricultural innovation
11 November 2014, Melbourne

Future of the Peel Region
12 November 2014, Mandurah

Developing Northern Australia
14 November 2014, Perth

Annual Dinner Address by Glenn Stevens
18 November 2014, Melbourne

Investment Markets and Financial Outlook
20 November 2014, Brisbane

Why Big Data is a Big Deal for Business
21 November 2014, Adelaide