The greater good


Conversations on policy priorities that matter for our future with Australian leaders across government, business and academia, as CEDA continues to pursue solutions that deliver better economic and social outcomes for the greater good.

The Greater Good | Andrew Wear, Author of Solved!: How other countries have cracked...

In this episode CEDA Chief Economist Jarrod Ball is joined by Andrew Wear, author of 'Solved!: How other countries have cracked the world's biggest problems and we can too' to speak about how we can look to other countries for solutions to the problems Australia faces, and whether or not our cities will be able to bounce back from COVID.

The Greater Good | Dr. Peter Davidson, Principal Advisor, ACOSS​

In this episode of The Greater Good, CEDA Chief Economist Jarrod Ball is joined by Dr. Peter Davidson of ACOSS to discuss the implications of a lowered Jobseeker rate,  the impacts on the unemployment rate for the foreseeable future,  and what can be done to avoid the economy falling further than is already expected.

The Greater Good | Judy Slatyer, Australian Red Cross and James Deverell, CSIRO​

CEDA CEO Melinda Cilento is joined by Judy Slatyer, CEO Australian Red Cross and James Deverell, Director of CSIRO Futures to discuss the Australian National Outlook, making the COVID-19 recovery more inclusive, and how the Australian economy can become more adaptable and resilient.

The Greater Good | Jordan O'Reilly, Co-founder and CEO at Hireup

In this edition of The Greater Good, CEDA CEO Melinda Cilento spoke with Hireup Co-Founder and CEO Jordan O'Reilly about the NDIS, individualisation in disability support, and the implications of technology in innovation.

Poverty and COVID-19 | Toni Wren, Executive Director of Anti Poverty Week

Join CEDA CEO Melinda CIlento as she speaks with Toni Wren about poverty, Jobseeker, and what needs to be done to help those below the poverty line.

Innovation and recovery | Dr Larry Marshall, Chief Executive, CSIRO

Science and technology is at the forefront of our efforts to contain the COVID-19 crisis but it will also shape our path forward. CEDA CEO, Melinda Cilento, speaks with CSIRO Chief Executive, Dr Larry Marshall, about how CSIRO has helped to manage the COVID-19 crisis in Australia and the role innovation will play in the recovery.

Supporting the arts through the COVID-19 crisis | Kim Williams AM

The COVID-19 crisis has put tremendous pressure on the arts sector but Copyright Agency Chair, Kim Williams, says the sector was in need of help even before the pandemic. He spoke with CEDA CEO, Melinda Cilento, about the value of the arts to Australia's culture and economy and why government investment in this space is more important than ever. 

How is the Australia feeling about the COVID-19 crisis? | Sue Vercoe, Brian Tyson), Newgate Australia

Newgate has released their latest weekly survey of Australians, focusing on how the public is feeling about the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. CEDA Chief Economist Jarrod Ball, is joined by Managing Director, Sue Vercoe and Managing Partner, Brian Tyson to discuss the findings of the survey. 

The challenges of human services in a crisis | Ruth Owen, Human Services Leader, EY

When lines of people who have never become unemployed before are growing outside Centrelink, what can be done to make sure everyone is getting the support they need?


COVID-19 Update | Immunologist Prof. Peter Doherty AC

Nobel laureate Professor Peter Doherty AC brings us up to date on how Australia is tackling the crisis, how other nations are faring in comparison, and how long we might be dealing with COVID-19.


Are the voices of youth being heard during the COVID-19 crisis? | Kareem El-Ansary

Melinda Cilento (CEDA CEO) as she spoke with Kareem El-Ansary on the voices of youth in the COVID-19 crisis, and whether or not they are being heard when policy decisions are made.

Leadership and COVID-19 | Rob Scott, CEO of Wesfarmers

How do you lead one of Australia's largest businesses in times of crisis? CEDA CEO Melinda Cilento spoke with Wesfarmers CEO Rob Scott to find out. 

(Listeners will hopefully appreciate that we are trialling different ways of recording our interviews across many locations. On occasion, and this is one of them, the audio is not as perfect as we would like and that’s on us but we believe you will still get a lot out of the conversation and Rob’s insights as a compassionate business a leader in these difficult times.


Strategic communication in a crisis | Dr Collette Snowden

In times of crisis, the importance of effective communication cannot be understated. With social media fuelling the fires of panic, leaders need to be clear and timely with their communication strategies in order to minimise both short and long term damage. Listen to CEDA CEO Melinda Cilento speak with Dr Collette Snowden from the University of South Australia.