Economic Impacts of COVID-19

Economic Impacts of COVID-19




Paul Bloxham, Chief Economist, Australia, New Zealand and Global Commodities, HSBC
Sarah Hunter, Chief Economist, BIS Oxford Economics
Nicki Hutley, Partner, Deloitte Access Economics
Jarrod Ball, Chief Economist, CEDA

Event overview

Historically Australia’s economy has demonstrated  resilience to global shocks and periodic economic downturns; yet the current challenges present waves of uncertainty.

As perhaps the biggest economic crisis of our generation, the short-to-long term impact on our economy will be considerable. The decisions of governments, central banks, and the financial system collectively will shape our world for years to come, determine our national and social resilience, and have a direct and daily impact on the lives of Australians.

This livestream discussion features perspectives from leading Australian economists as they examine:

  • The macroeconomic outlook and how COVID-19 will affect global economies, in particular, the severe implications on the Chinese economy and consequences for their trading partners like Australia;
  • The impact on exposed sectors and state economies; and
  • The economic response from Government, effect of stimulus payments and prospects for recovery.