2020 US election - what the outcome means for Australia

2020 US election - what the outcome means for Australia


Penny Burtt, Chief Executive Officer, Asialink
Paul Gruenwald, Global Chief Economist, S&P Global Ratings
Professor Simon Jackman, Chief Executive Officer, United States Studies Centre
Sally-Ann Watts, Deputy Chief Executive Officer Global Client Services, Austrade

Event overview

Hear expert advice on how Australia can successfully navigate a second term Trump Presidency or a change in government in the United States.   

As Australia’s key strategic and defence ally, a major investor and trade partner, the direction of US politics and policy has direct and measurable consequences. The future of trade and critical global supply chains, our own key relationships and the geopolitics at play which define our economic success will be shaped by the incoming President of the United States and America’s foreign policy direction.

Testing assumptions and renewing our understanding of this critical relationship is more important than ever. Join CEDA’s audience to hear what the outcome will mean for Australia.