Public Interest Tech Forum


For the Public Interest Technology Forum, CEDA will bring together technologists, policy makers and business to discuss how to best manage new technologies and foster the collaborative approaches necessary to support solutions to the issues of rapid technological change.

Technology provides the greatest economic opportunity of our time. Technologies are changing at speed and changing societies, business models and processes at speed. Policymakers, regulators and regulations are struggling to keep up and there is community concern about managing the consequences and opportunities of new technologies well.

We need forward-looking, proactive and agile approaches to the regulation of emerging technologies to enable the adoption of technologies for the public good. 

This forum deliberately draws from and builds on agendas being pursued in the US and UK that are addressing responsible innovation; tech policy; the governance of new technologies within and across borders; the role of technology in driving better public policy, programs and service delivery; and building skills in the public and technology sectors in support of advancing public purpose.

Key topics include:

  • Perspectives on the roles and ‘public interest’ responsibilities of business, technologists and governments in enabling technological change.
  • Exploring what government tools, skills, knowledge and connections are needed to assess and effectively govern emerging technologies.
  • Identifying missing ingredients in the tech ecosystem to better enable the responsible development and adoption of transformative technologies.
  • Policy settings and investments that can better enable and enhance the benefits of technological change and/or mitigate potential adverse consequences.
  • New governance and regulatory approaches for technology.
  • Managing data and IP: the fuel that informs new business models and processes.
  • Building stronger collaborative networks across the technology, business, government and academic sectors.
  • Where to from here? Pathways to proactive and agile regulation.

Who should attend?

This forum seeks to built connections between technologists, business leaders, and policy makers to initiate important discussions around how we can best ensure that technological change is positive for our economy, society and environment. Participation in the inaugural event is by invitation only. 


Keynote speakers, panel discussions, small group facilitated thematic discussions. 


Key issues and ideas identified during the forum will be published and shared widely. These issues will inform CEDA’s future agenda and research program and will guide the development of CEDA’s next Public Interest Tech Forum. CEDA will also work collaboratively with participants and other stakeholders to support the promulgation of key issues and ideas identified at the forum and in the coordination of further research and collaborations necessary to advance this important area of work.