State of the Nation 2010



Demographic change was the theme of the 2010 State of the Nation.

Speakers and panels discussed:
  • How can the Government balance delivery of services with fiscal obligations?
  • How is Australia positioned to deal with future demographic, social, economic and environmental challenges?
  • How can we return to a trajectory of robust growth in productivity in order to cope with long-term economic and social needs?
  • How do we finance our future?
  • Future shape of our cities and infrastructure challenges beyond 2010
  • Australia's demographic challenge
  • International policies and global challenges
  • Driving education, skills and workforce to ensure future growth
  • Australia's energy options in a low emissions future
  • Australia's productivity agenda 

Conference program  
Audio and transcripts

Ministers' speeches
Tony Abbott
Senator Nick Sherry
Lindsay Tanner
Senator Penny Wong