Climate, Energy and Resources


An industry in transition, CEDA discusses energy and resources through events across Australia.

The Australian energy and resources industry is in a period of transition.

CEDA drives conversation on this industry which has shaped the Australian economy, examining supply and demand, policy and market developments as well as the impact of new technology and future opportunities for investment.

Upcoming events

Australia's 2050 energy market and how we get there | Sydney | 25 October 2019
CEDA welcomes Origin Energy's Chief Executive Officer Frank Calabria to outline the pathway to our future energy market in 2050. 

Value generation through innovation | Perth | 25 October 2019
Bold leaders will share their vision on how Western Australia is at the forefront of innovation and development for the global resource sector. Joined by South32 Chief Technology Officer, Vanessa Torres. 

Future of Australia's resources sector - Minister Canavan | Brisbane | 28 October 2019
CEDA welcomes Federal Minister for Resources and Northern Australia Senator the Hon. Matt Canavan to present a keynote address on his outlook for the future of Australia’s resources sector and what it means for Northern Australia. 

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State series


July |  October  |  Two public events

Communities and businesses across the continue country expect progress from governments on energy policy and reform.  With a new federal government term to begin in 2019 there is hope for a renewed commitment to meet the demands of energy consumers, environmental advocates and the investors that will determine our energy future.