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CEDA explores this topic with influential speakers and companies who have successfully integrated digital disruption and innovation into their business strategy.

Business and government are embracing disruption and innovation in a bid to improve and expand efficiently. Rapid changes have opened up local and global markets and are transforming how business operate.

Agility and responsiveness are essential characteristics to embody, but with an ever-changing environment, what’s next and how can we be prepared? How do we put people at the centre of policy to harness the full benefits of emerging technologies and data? 

Furthermore, what impact will Artificial Intelligence have on our economy, institutions, workforce and society? How do we design ethical AI built on trust, fairness, transparency and accountability?

CEDA explores this with influential speakers as well as companies who have successfully integrated disruption and innovation into their business strategy.

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Implications from the automation age | Sydney | 15 June 2020
CEDA welcomes Rio Tinto’s Stephen McIntosh to address opportunities in the automation age for Australia as our industry, skills, and our economy continues to transition in a new industrial age. Joined by University of Sydney Professor of Information Technology and Organisation Head of Discipline, Professor Kai Riemer; and McKinsey & Company Associate Partner, Seckin Ungur.

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