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CEDA explores this topic with influential speakers and companies who have successfully integrated digital disruption and innovation into their business strategy.

Business and government are embracing disruption and innovation in a bid to improve and expand efficiently. Rapid changes have opened up local and global markets and are transforming how business operate.

Agility and responsiveness are essential characteristics to embody, but with an ever-changing environment, what’s next and how can we be prepared? How do we put people at the centre of policy to harness the full benefits of emerging technologies and data? 

Furthermore, what impact will Artificial Intelligence have on our economy, institutions, workforce and society? How do we design ethical AI built on trust, fairness, transparency and accountability?

CEDA explores this with influential speakers as well as companies who have successfully integrated disruption and innovation into their business strategy.

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Workforce evolution: people and technology | Brisbane | 27 February 2020
Technologies are changing everything about work, the workplace and our jobs. The Australian workforce is adapting but nowhere near ready for large scale transformation. Joined by Telstra Group Executive, Transformation and People, Alex Badenoch; and Minister for Employment and Small Business and Minister for Training and Skills, The Hon. Shannon Fentiman. 

Leading social enterprise: Innovation achieving impact | Sydney | 10 March 2020 
CEDA launches the Copland Sundowner series to profile leading Australian social entrepreneurs to outline how new thinking to entrenched issues is leading to sustainable, innovative and impactful change to our society’s greatest challenges. Joined by OrangeSky Australia Co-Founders, Nic Marchesi and Lucas Patchett. 

Unlocking data in the public interest | Brisbane | 31 March 2020
How can we maximise the economic and social benefits of data and data access? Joined by CEDA Senior Economist, Gabriela D'Souza; Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, Inc. (HIMSS) Senior Vice President, Tim Kelsey; and Griffith University Program Director, Regional Innovation Data Lab (RIDL), Dr Tom Verhelst. 

Supercharging innovation in Australia | Melbourne | 1 April 2020
Innovation is crucial to Australia’s economic prosperity and to a significant degree, our global business competitiveness. It provides important foundations for stimulating new business activity and new jobs.

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