Copland Leadership Program in Perth

Copland Leadership Program in Perth

The Copland Leadership Program is CEDA's professional development program for emerging leaders from corporate, government, academic and community sectors.

Program overview

The Copland Leadership Program is designed for talented and motivated emerging leaders who are looking to build their leadership skills and accelerate their careers.

Copland candidates will have attained success in their chosen professions with demonstrated intellectual rigour and now want to elevate their performance along the path to leadership.

Participants come from a broad range of sectors including corporate, government, industry bodies, academia and the not-for-profit sector. Each Copland cohort features a dynamic mix of people from different fields of expertise, which enables the group to discuss a diverse range of viewpoints.

Key benefits of participating


  • Interact, engage and learn from some of WA’s most influential leaders from a diverse cross-section of industries and career journeys.
  • Network with peers at the Copland Future Leaders Series. All Copland participants and alumni receive invitations to attend these events as a guest of CEDA.
  • Join CEDA’s Copland Leadership Program Alumni, which includes Australia’s next generation of leaders – currently over 250 alumni in Western Australia.
  • Attend a CEDA event for free and develop a strong professional network from business, government and community sectors.
  • Gain new perspectives and insights into current critical leadership challenges.
  • Develop theoretical frameworks for dealing with business problems.
  • Explore a range of materials on modern leadership from academic publications and video sources.
  • Interact with fellow participants and examine solutions to business problems through a range of group activities.
  • Gain competitive advantage in your career and receive cutting edge knowledge.
  • Increase your understanding of your individual leadership skills.
  • Build your confidence and obtain the skills required to become an effective leader.
  • Learn to understand and overcome the challenges facing modern businesses
A copy of the 2020 Copland Leadership Program brochure and application form can be found here.

CEDA encourages you to nominate yourself or an emerging leader in your team for the Copland Leadership Program as part of their professional development for 2020.

"This program is life changing! If you have always wanted to be a leader and want to develop your leadership skills - this is the program for you."  Kathy Hoare, CEDA Copland Leadership Program Graduate 2019.

Applications are now closed.

Please note, due to the current COVID-19 crisis, the format and timings of the WA 2020 Copland Leadership Program have been reviewed. If you have any questions, please reach out to Julia Tolj on 08 6104 7103 or

Meet the speakers

Anna Dartnell
General Manager, Aurizon

Mark Glasson
Chief Executive Officer, Anglicare WA

Professor Shamit Saggar
Director, Public Policy Institute, The University of Western Australia

Rebecca Tomkinson
Chief Executive Officer (WA Operations), Royal Flying Doctor Service

Jason Crusan
Vice President Technology, Woodside Energy

Karen Brown
National Director, Cannings Purple

Kirsten Rose
Executive Director, Future Industries, CSIRO

Darren Foster
Special Adviser - Economic Recovery, Western Australian Department of Treasury

Stephanie Unwin
Chief Executive Officer, Horizon Power

John Poulsen
Principal, People, Passion, Performance

Meet the facilitator

Dianna Vitasovic
Director, Innovation Culture

Dianna is a leading management consultant with 33 years expertise in the progressive field of building transformational capability for systematic innovation. Dianna has facilitated and delivered the Copland Leadership Program since 2012 and is highly regarded by participants with a cohort of over 250 Alumni.

Dianna delivers an evidence-based approach. She has an energy and passion to build innovative leadership in a global marketplace. Dianna encourages a collegiate environment where participants share their stories, experiences and engage the group in challenging their assumptions in developing a global mindset in relation to the future of work and society.

Dianna's local and international experience in the field of transformational change, leadership, self-directed team and leading global teams on innovative challenges extends across SME scaling business, global corporations and designing initiatives for small and large functions.


Welcome Event (Online)
Thursday 11 June 9:30am
  • Dianna Vitasovic, Director, Innovation Culture
Module 1, Part A - Leadership for purpose and productivity (Online)
Friday 3 July 9:00am
  • Anna Dartnell, General Manager, Aurizon
  • Mark Glasson, Chief Executive Officer, Anglicare WA
Leaders operate within a complex, ambiguous economic and political landscape. In this session, different types of leadership – authentic through to transformational – highlight how organisations determine desired culture. The speakers will share insights and real-world examples of how leadership diversity and alignment on purpose impact on organisational culture, productivity and engagement.
Module 1, Part B - Leadership for purpose and productivity (Online)
Friday 24 July 9:00am
  • Dianna Vitasovic, Director, Innovation Culture
Module 2 , Part A - Business acumen (Online)
Friday 21 August 9:00am
  • Professor Shamit Saggar, Director, Public Policy Institute, The University of Western Australia
  • Rebecca Tomkinson, Chief Executive Officer (WA Operations), Royal Flying Doctor Service
This session is about identifying how business acumen and leadership contribute to organisational performance. Through the lens of a VUCA dynamic environment, participants address the risk of possibilities and identify quality decisions and judgement where multiple trade-offs require trustful connections to ride the fourth industrial revolution.
Module 2, Part B - Business acumen (Online)
Friday 18 September 9:00am
  • Dianna Vitasovic, Director, Innovation Culture
Module 3 - Strategic communication and influence - HBDI (Face to Face)
Thursday 15 October 8:30am
  • Dianna Vitasovic, Director, Innovation Culture
The development of communicative leadership and influencing in an organisation requires recognition of diversity of cultures, thinking styles, challenging perspectives and adaptive practices.  The purpose of module three is to equip the participants with the skills to increase their professional leadership ability in communicative leadership and effectiveness through the application of Herrmann Whole Brain Thinking.
Module 4 - Stakeholder engagement and technological disruption (Face to Face)
Friday 16 October 8:30am
  • Karen Brown, National Director, Cannings Purple
  • Jason Crusan, Vice President Technology, Woodside Energy
Leaders operate in a world of multi-stakeholder diversity and community scrutiny, especially with the speed of social media. Leadership recognise the growing focus of public and private partnerships to deliver value. In this session, we differentiate between types of complex corporate social responsibility, brand and reputation. We explore leadership challenges of 24/7 social media, disruptive technologies and shifting global business models impacting Australia.
Module 5 - Emotional intelligence (Face to Face)
Friday 6 November 8:30am
  • Dianna Vitasovic, Director, Innovation Culture
Leadership is authentic influence that creates value. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is defined with strategic communicative strategies that optimise self-awareness with skill. The focus of module five is on how to develop curious mindsets open to networking across organisational boundaries. The session looks at processing higher levels of connectivity where people engage in resilient and healthy relationships and maximise effectiveness and innovation. We foster individual self-leadership that creates value by maximising strong cultures and organisational performance.
Module 6 - Innovation and unconventional thinking (Face to Face)
Friday 20 November 8:30am
  • Darren Foster, Special Adviser - Economic Recovery, Western Australian Department of Treasury
  • Kirsten Rose, Executive Director, Future Industries, CSIRO
Innovation requires leadership to understand the human centred design and the diverse ways of unleashing capacities. Organisations are expanding innovative and dynamic strategies for complex challenges. In this session we question the status quo and challenge current practices to imagine the impossible. Participants explore examples of expanding team mindsets for curiosity, unconventional thinking and innovation, where real value is adopted by applying a combination of technologies.
Module 7 - Courageous leadership in society (Face to Face)
Friday 11 December 8:30am
  • John Poulsen, Principal, People, Passion, Performance
  • Stephanie Unwin, Chief Executive Officer, Horizon Power
The future depends on what leaders do in the present and how they harness others to achieve innovative results. Participants develop an individual roadmap for identifying their courageous leadership, exemplary organisational performance, broaden the diversity of their network and current leadership paradigm. They build collaborative relationships and build on learned experiences of their Copland cohort.
Graduation sundowner
Friday 11 December 5:30pm

Application details

Applications are now closed.

Program administration enquiries
Julia Tolj 
Membership & Copland Program Coordinator
Phone: 08 6104 7103

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