Innovation that fuels jobs growth

Innovation that fuels jobs growth

Apr 20
The Hon. Craig Laundy MP to open Western Sydney Growth Series speaking on innovation that fuels job growth


The Hon. Craig Laundy MP, Federal Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation, and Science

Event overview

Producing a successful, jobs-generating, competitive Western Sydney economy is crucial to Sydney’s continued evolution as a global city

Western Sydney lays claim to one of the nation’s youngest and ethnically diverse labour markets in Australia – yet barriers remain that prevent the full integration of the region’s potential labour force.

CEDA’s is set to examine workplace diversity and productivity issues as part of its Western Sydney Growth Series. This event will explore:

  • How Western Sydney can benefit from the National Innovation and Science Agenda through initiatives that encourage innovation and jobs creation;
  • The barriers towards full integration of Western Sydney’s labour market including location and access to jobs; and
  • Research strengths and investment in Western Sydney’s innovation ecosystem.


Opening keynote address

The Hon. Craig Laundy MP
Federal Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation, and Science

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