Outbound investment: research release

Outbound investment: research release

May 2
CEDA's first research report for 2017 will examine Australia's outbound investment. Welcoming former Federal Minister for Trade, the Hon. Dr Craig Emerson, this event will explore the current state of play of Australia's outbound investment and the importance to the country's economic growth.


The Hon. Dr Craig Emerson, Managing Director, Craig Emerson Economics
Jane Madden, Executive Director - Tourism, Investment, Education and Programs, Austrade
Andrew Parker, Partner and Asia Practice Lead, PwC

Event overview

For 200 years, Australia has utilised foreign investment to develop its economic potential. However, as a mature economy, and with the end of the mining boom, outbound business investment will play an increasingly important role in the nation's economic growth.

Whilst there is considerable interest about outbound investment into Australia, the nature of the country's outbound investment has received less attention.

Australian business investment abroad helps to create high skilled jobs, development of new markets, integrate Australian firms into global value chains, increase the nation's engagement with the emerging markets in our regions; all contributing to economic growth.

Coinciding with CEDA's release of its research into Australia's Outbound investment, this event will examine:

  • The current state of play of Australia's outbound investment and historic flows of investment;
  • Whether Australia has the right institutional settings to support an outbound focus for business;
  • The need for Australian businesses to invest throughout the logistics and distribution chains when seeking export opportunities in Asia;
  • If Australia's tax system supports outbound investment; and
  • Case studies of successful foreign investments by Australian businesses.

All attendees will receive a copy of CEDA's latest research release, Outbound investment.

Meet the panel

The Hon. Dr Craig Emerson
Managing Director, Craig Emerson Economics

The Hon. Dr Craig Emerson is a former Australian Minister for Trade and Competitiveness, Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on Asian Century Policy and Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills, Science and Research. Prior to that, he was Minister for Competition Policy and Consumer Affairs, Minister Assisting on Deregulation and Minister for Small Business.

Dr Emerson conceived of and oversaw the preparation of the Australian Government's White Paper, Australia in the Asian Century. He developed a program of reform in 27 areas of business regulation and successfully chaired the regulatory reform group of the Council of Australian Governments.

Dr Emerson has a PhD in Economics and was Economic Adviser to former Prime Minister Bob Hawke. He was Assistant Secretary in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Secretary of the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage, Chief Executive Officer of the South East Queensland Transit Authority and Economic Analyst at the United Nations.

Jane Madden
Executive Director - Tourism, Investment, Education and Programs, Austrade

Jane Madden is the Executive Director for Tourism, Investment, International Education and Programs. As one of two deputies at Austrade, she has particular responsibility for strategic leadership of tourism policy and research, winning foreign direct investment, promoting international education, and delivering the Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) and other programs.

Andrew Parker
Partner and Asia Practice Lead, PwC

Andrew Parker is a Partner at PwC where he leads the Australian firm’s Asia Practice. Mr Parker joined PwC in 1985, became a partner in 1999 and spent 12 years in PwC’s London, Moscow and Jakarta offices. Mr Parker has had a long association with Asia; he has lived and worked in Indonesia, and was the leader of PwC’s Asian telecoms industry team until 2012, a role he held for nearly 10 years.

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