Population and participation in a global city

Population and participation in a global city

Jul 26
The CEDA NSW Cities and Infrastructure series returns to examine Sydney’s population debate and the relationship to economic and social development. At this event, CEDA welcomes leaders from across various modes of transport to discuss infrastructure needs of a global city.


Marika Calfas, Chief Executive Officer, NSW Ports
Andrew Head, Chief Executive Officer, WestConnex
Graham Millett, Chief Executive Officer, Western Sydney Airport

Event overview

With natural beauty, vibrant urban environments, world-class critical services, and proximity to Asia, Sydney will continue to emerge as one of the world’s great global cities this century.
Sydney’s population is projected to grow to eight million over the next 40 years with almost half of Sydneysiders residing west of Parramatta.
But while an expansive and diverse population is a key driver of economic growth and a hallmark of global cities; many view Sydney’s population growth to be at a tipping point that threatens our sustainable and liveable future.
This event will explore:

  • Moving from episodic debates to a strategic and sustainable framework for population growth;
  • Infrastructure needs for our current and future population that will enhance connectivity and liveability of Sydney’s polycentric hubs;
  • Leveraging Sydney’s greatest strengths in its topography, trade and tourism to maximise appeal to residents and the visitor economy; and
  • How rapid and inevitable technological change in mobility, utilities and a lower carbon future, will dictate how Sydney manages growth.

Event presentations

Moderated discussion MP3

Delegate handout PDF

Meet the speakers

Marika Calfas
Chief Executive Officer, NSW Ports

Marika Calfas is the Chief Executive Officer of NSW Ports, the organisation responsible for managing a $5 billion infrastructure portfolio comprising Port Botany, Port Kembla and the intermodal terminals at Cooks River and Enfield. Marika has operated in the port sector for 18 years, across a broad range of portfolio areas including strategy, planning, environment and infrastructure.  Prior to working in ports, Marika worked in engineering consultancy.

Andrew Head
Chief Executive Officer, WestConnex

Andrew Head is the CEO of WestConnex, Australia’s largest road infrastructure project, on secondment from Transurban. As CEO, Andrew is responsible for the project delivery and operation of three stages of the WestConnex motorway network as well as its connections to other major urban road projects. Andrew joined Transurban in 2003 and has held executive leadership roles overseeing major acquisitions, development, asset financing, operations, equity board governance, public affairs and investor relations.

Graham Millett
Chief Executive Officer, Western Sydney Airport

Graham arrives at the challenge of overseeing the delivery of the $5.3 billion Western Sydney Airport with more than 20 years of senior executive experience across aviation and telecommunications infrastructure. Having grown up in Western Sydney, Graham's time working in the United States, Europe and Asia means he is well placed to combine local knowledge with international experience to bring the region to the world through Australia's next-generation airport.

Additional participants to be confirmed.


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