2015 Economic and Political Overview in Townsville

2015 Economic and Political Overview in Townsville

Feb 24
CEDA's Economic and Political Overview is Australia's premier national publication and event series on the Australian economy and politics for the year ahead. We are pleased to again present this national event in Townsville in 2015.


Mark Mulligan, Markets and economy reporter, Fairfax Media Group
Cherelle Murphy, Senior Economist, ANZ Banking Group

Event overview

CEDA's Economic and Political Overview (EPO) brings together leading thinkers and commentators from across sectors to provide frank analysis of the political and economic landscape.

In 2015 we must consider:  

  • Economic trends and forecasts across key sectors;
  • The Federal government's budget and reform agenda;
  • Our Queensland election impacts; and
  • Finance, funding and policy reforms.

For more than 30 years CEDA's EPO forums and report have been a valued opening to the year - providing up to date critical insights, informing business and strategic planning for the year ahead.  

Bring your colleagues, clients and guests together early in 2015 to see what the forward year holds.
All attendees will receive a copy of CEDA's 2015 Economic and Political Overview report.

Note that CEDA will also present an EPO event in Brisbane on Tuesday 17 February. 

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Meet the speakers

Mark Mulligan
Markets and economy reporter, Fairfax Media Group

Working in local, national and international media for 30 years, Mark Mulligan has analysed and reported on finance and markets at critical points in Australian and world economics and politics. He served as a senior advisor in Australian federal politics in foreign affairs, trade, education and science portfolios and lectures in government and the relationship between media and politicians.

Cherelle Murphy
Senior Economist, ANZ Banking Group

Prior to joining ANZ Banking Group, Cherelle worked at the Reserve Bank of Australia. At ANZ Banking Group her public sector economic impact analysis focussed on changes to governments, policies and budgets. As Senior Economist for Industry Economics and Research she provides macroeconomic analysis on industry developments.

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