Queensland Women in Leadership series: equity and diversity

Queensland Women in Leadership series: equity and diversity

Mar 23
CEDA's Women in Leadership series provides fresh thinking and insight on a complex and critical economic development issue - equity and diversity. In 2016 the series examines the equity and diversity impacts of major policy reforms.


Dr Catherine Ball, Drone and Innovation Consultant
Serafina Maiorano, Global Chief Executive Officer, Advance
Tammy May, Founder and Director, MyBudget
Lucille Halloran, Partner, Government and Public Sector Services, Oceania, EY

Event overview

At each turn complex policy initiatives have consequences.  In a year of substantive reform CEDA convenes a panel of business leaders, entrepreneurs and leading thinkers to analyse the consequences of forthcoming economic reform on equity and diversity.

Leaders must rigorously consider the impact of economic reform on their organisation, revenue, on their industry and workforces. These leaders know their sector, their business and know what has boosted and hindered their success. So what do they see for the future?

Join colleagues, guests and CEDA’s senior audience to hear new thinking on leadership, gender equity and achieving change. 

Meet the speakers

Dr Catherine Ball
Drone and Innovation Consultant

Catherine is Telstra’s Queensland Business Woman of the Year for 2015.  Her work developing remotely operated aerial systems for environmental and engineering projects is at the forefront of geotechnical innovation and has been applied to projects all over the world.

Serafina Maiorano
Global Chief Executive Officer, Advance

Based in New York, Serafina connects human capital and talent for start-ups for investment and for ideas.  She has worked in UK, Qatar, the UAE, Bahrain, Singapore, USA, China and India and was the inaugural Global winner of the 100 Women of Influence Award.

Tammy May
Founder and Director, MyBudget

MyBudget is Australia’s largest provider of personal financial services. With 250 employees and 16,000 clients it meets a new and growing market demand. One of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs Tammy is one of few women on the Australian rich list. 

Meet the moderator

Lucille Halloran
Partner, Government and Public Sector Services, Oceania, EY

Lucille has led policy reform in human services, health, disability, employment, income support, pensions and education. With national and international experience she advises Commonwealth, State and local government on service delivery, critical issues and policy implications.

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