Agribusiness: investment and competitiveness

Agribusiness: investment and competitiveness

May 10
Significant expansion of Australia's agricultural sector will require significant investment. Global investment capital and international interest in Australian agribusiness remain critical for the success of the industry.


Mark Allison, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Elders Limited
Mauro Balzarini, Managing Director, Wellard Group

Event overview

Global and regional demand for food continues to increase.  Opportunities exist for Australia’s agribusiness sector as a supplier of goods and expertise.  To continue developing new technologies, enhance infrastructure for storage and logistics, increase production and processing and to maximise export opportunities, access to domestic and foreign capital is needed.
The Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper outlined $1.2billion in programs to support the sector and sought to drive policy toward a competitive, sustainable and profitable sector for the future. 

CEDA welcomes Mark Allison, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Elders Limited to consider current policy settings, the implications of Government decisions on foreign investment, sector trends and funding and investment structures.

Join a senior CEDA audience of professionals to hear from leading thinkers and industry figures and discuss issues critical to further developing Australian agribusiness. 

Meet the speakers

Mark Allison
Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Elders Limited

Mark Allison is a research agronomist and has served as Managing Director of CropCare, Wesfarmers CSBP and Wesfarmers Landmark, and Grain Growers Limited.  He has held non-executive roles in the private and public sectors and is Chairman of the Australian Agribusiness Association.

Mauro Balzarini
Managing Director, Wellard Group

Mauro Balzarini has led strong growth at Wellard, Australia’s largest exporter of cattle.  A qualified Naval Architect, he designed the world largest purpose built livestock carrier and is a member of the Federal Government’s Trade and Investment Policy Advisory Council.

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